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Brook Tampelačka

  • Source of:
  • Lenght of river in km: 5
  • Difficulty:
      Part river km Difficulty
    allRoztoky u Jilemnice - mouth into Olešky5 - 0do WW I

  • Conditions: small meandering brook
  • When, who, how long, type of boat:
    The limits are defined almost for canoe. For kayaks can limit a few cm less, for rafts higher.
    PartwhenWater gaugetype of boatrecommended forspeed of flow
    allonly shortly in spring or after heavy rainodhadnout dle Olešky - Slané zhruba 145 cmkayakexperiences1 h.

  • Character of river:
    Partwidth or charactercountryside
    all2 - 5 mmeadows

  • The best part:
  • Dangerous part: fallen trees
  • Usual put in and take off point: Roztoky u Jilemnice - Bělá
  • Continue on river: Oleška
  • Access to river: the road and train well
  • Camps: (Add new link )

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